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We sometimes provide this service in conjunction with a soil investigation, such as to determine if soils are expansive, or as part of the plan for vegetative cover over a septic system.† If you want to know the fertility of the soil in your garden, its more cost-effective for you to contact the NC Department of Agriculture who offers this service for free or a reduced cost. Sample boxes are available at your county Cooperative Extension office or at the Agronomic Division office in Raleigh.

Not always. Soil patterns beneath the surface can sometimes be very complex.† In addition, variability exists in the seasonal water table depth and there may be unseen disturbances from manís activities (such as fill dirt or soil cutting). We will identify the best septic disposal area on your property and match a cost-effective system to it.

No.† Only the health department can issue an improvement (septic) permit.† Most counties, however, require a soil report or map certification sealed by a Licensed Soil Scientist prior to allowing new lots to be recorded.

A Licensed Soil Scientist is a degreed professional with years of experience evaluating soil (really! Itís required for licensure) and who is versed in land regulations and their applicability. A soil scientist can tell you if a parcel of land will support the septic needs of your home or business, if flood hazard soils or wetlands may limit your buildable area, or which stormwater treatment options are best for the site. See our Service List for a more detailed look at the services we provide.

Why hire a soil consultant?

Does HO&A write septic permits?

Do you collect soil samples for lab analysis

Our services are billed on an hourly basis.† We will talk with you about the type of† information you need and determine the level of intensity required for the investigation.† We estimate the number of man hours that will likely be needed to complete the project based on past experience in that geographic region.† Factors such as dense vegetation, stone content of the surface soils, complex soil patterns, and other factors can influence the amount of time required to complete an investigation.

How do you estimate the cost of services?

In many cases, the answer is yes.† We work with the health department to determine why the permit application was denied and evaluate options.† These might include investigating other areas on the property (if it is large) or adjacent parcels (if available) for recombinations/easements, designing more complex septic systems,† adjusting the house site or number of bedrooms, and elevating the project for review by the state health department.

The local health department denied a septic permit for my lot.† Can you help?

Shouldnít my land support the same type septic system that my neighbor has?

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