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Homeowner tips and educational materials

These sites will tell you about your septic system, proper maintenance, and how to recognize failures.

· NC Onsite Wastewater Protection

· SoilFacts: Septic System Owners Guide

· NOWRA Onsite System Guide

Find a Septic related professional


· NC certified septic installers by NC DENR

· The “Septic Locator” by NOWRA

· Find a surveyor by the NC Society of Surveyors

· North Carolina Septic Tank Association has a list of installers, pumpers, operators, etc. by county

Septic permits

Permits for subsurface sewage waste disposal systems are issued by the local health department.  For information about the application requirements and fees in your NC county, contact your local environmental health department.

· EH County Directory

NC Division of Water Resources

NC DWR regulates wetlands and streams in the state of North Carolina.  This site contains links to information on permitting, riparian buffers, and stormwater management.

US EPA—Wetlands

What are wetlands?  Why protect wetlands?  How are wetlands protected? What you can do to protect our vital resources.

I Heart Soil

Soil is an important resource affecting many industries and human health. This site contains links to videos, a blog, and other resources that tell the story of soil and its value to society.

Web Soil Survey

Web Soil Survey (WSS) provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. An interactive map allows you to view soil survey data for locations throughout the United States.

Septic Systems
Professional Associations
Soil Science

US Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Division

USACE regulates wetlands and streams under section 404 of the Clean Water Act. This site contains links to information on jurisdictional determinations and permitting.


NC Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources

Stormwater Permitting Unit

The Unit handles permitting for industrial, municipal, and post-construction (for development projects) stormwater programs, as well as provides technical assistance to the regulated community, engineers, industry, citizens, and local governments.


Visit our channel on YouTube to see some of our favorite soil related videos.



NCDENR Stormwater and Runoff Polution

A collection of stormwater resources for North Carolina residents, businesses and local governments that want to learn how to improve water quality and learn more about the role they play in keeping North Carolina waters clean.

Soil Science at NCSU

The Department of Soil Science at North Carolina State University provides a premiere, internationally recognized teaching and research facility for scientists and students of soil science.

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