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We have years of experience and training at your disposal.† As your consultant, we will provide you with the soil or environmental data you need to make informed decisions. Feel confident in relying on our professional expertise.

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Soil Evaluation Services

Septic System Design Services

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Soil investigations are the bulk of our business.† Our Licensed Soil Scientist performs septic evaluations (perk tests) to determine a siteís ability to support onsite sewage waste disposal systems and routinely prepares reports that are needed to record lots and obtain improvement permits in many counties.† In addition we evaluate soils for stormwater infiltration, and for the presence of flood prone soils.† Whether the property you want evaluated is for a single residence, multiple lots, or a commercial enterprise, we can help.

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Our staff is qualified to design many types of septic systems, from conventional to low-pressure pipe and drip.† We are familiar with many types of innovative products and can help you choose the best and most cost-effective technology for your site.† We are also equipped to conduct hydraulic conductivity tests (Ksat) and water table monitoring, if needed, for more difficult sites.† The numerous types of decentralized wastewater systems available today give landowners more development options than ever before, and our design experience and creativity can help you maximize your propertyís development potential.

Stream and Wetland Services

Environmental Services

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In addition to being well trained in the identification of wetlands and streams, we also have a thorough understanding of federal and state regulatory requirements.† Let us use our years of experience and longstanding rapport with the regulators to help you obtain the wetland or riparian buffer permits needed for your project.† Plus, we can design and monitor wetland mitigation sites that may be required as part of your wetland permit.

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The application process of some counties and lending agencies requires submission of environmental reports such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments or Environmental Impact Assessments. We can conduct the site investigations, interviews, and documents review and then prepare the necessary report you need to document the integrity of a site and/or the natural resources that may be present. We also work for highway construction companies on NCDOT projects to evaluate candidate sites for borrow pits and provide an environmental evaluation.

Didnít see the service you need listed in the previous sections?† Donít worry, those are just our most frequently requested services.† We provide a variety of† soil and environmental services and may be able to help, just call or email us to discuss the project.† If† we donít offer that particular service, then perhaps we can recommend a company that does.

Other Services


Services typically include a site visit, report, and map for the subject property.† We typically work on an hourly basis and can provide cost estimates for budgetary purposes.† In some cases, we may be able to establish not-to-exceed budget amounts or work for fixed fee amounts.† Please call to discuss the specifics of your project.†

Fee Schedule

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