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Hal Owen & Associates, Inc. provides soil and environmental services throughout North Carolina. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial development, we can help. We provide the information needed by county, state, and federal regulators to get the permits you need.  We have worked with landowners, developers, engineers, surveyors, builders, and realtors to get their projects completed.  We do jobs of all sizes – from one lot residential sites to large subdivisions to industrial parks.

Our well-trained, professional staff has established a reputation for providing high quality, professional services, and we have worked very hard to establish an excellent rapport with regulatory agencies.  We strive to provide professional services in a timely manner and are sensitive to tight schedules and the need to meet deadlines.  We believe that these factors, combined with our highly motivated professional staff, enable us to provide high quality, cost-effective, professional services to you.

We hope that you will consider allowing us to provide soil and environmental consulting services on your future projects.  We would be happy to discuss prospective work or answer any questions that you may have, so feel free to give us a call at your convenience.

“... for only rarely have we stood back and celebrated our soils as something beautiful, and perhaps even mysterious. For what other natural body, worldwide in its distribution, has so many interesting secrets to reveal to the patient observer? ”


--- Les Molloy, Soils in the New Zealand Landscape: the Living Mantle, 1988

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Excerpt from Senate Resolution 440, June 23, 2008


Recognizing soil as an essential natural resource, and soils professionals as playing a critical role in managing our Nation’s soil resources.


· Whereas soil, plant, animal, and human health are intricately linked and the sustainable use of soil affects climate, water and air quality, human health, biodiversity, food safety, and agricultural production;

· Whereas soil is a dynamic system which performs many functions and services vital to human activities and ecosystems;

...Now, therefore, be it Resolved That the Senate … acknowledges the promise of soil scientists and soils professionals to continue to enrich the lives of all Americans by improving stewardship of the soil, combating soil degradation, and ensuring the future protection and sustainable use of our air, soil, and water resources.